5 Steps to Create a Winning SEO Strategy for Your Small Business

SEO strategySEO has become absolutely essential to businesses.

The practices that result in great SEO have become fundamental to crafting online content. Unless you’re applying these principles to your small business, your online content will be lost in the noise.

So what are these principles to get noticed online?

Keep reading for the 5 steps to create a SEO strategy that will propel your business to much greater visibility online.

Audit Your NAPs

Not quite as relaxing as they sound, NAP’s are your Name, Address and Phone Number listings online. If different platform’s feature different variations of these identifiers, search engines will recognize you as different businesses.

This dilutes your brand. Instead of being a company with a broad penetration, you’re a fractured number of similar-but-different businesses.

Proper optimization requires you track down any listing you may have and ensuring that all information is correct and in uniform.

Get Reviewed

Nothing is more powerful to your SEO than positive reviews.

Getting satisfied clients and customers to leave positive reviews online builds a legitimacy that’s hard to beat. It’s the acknowledgement by a third-party supporting your status.

In fact, 88% of customers trust a review as much as they do a personal recommendation, according to a survey.

Create Your Content

To be visible online you need to be active online.

This means that you need to be creating online content regularly. But this doesn’t just mean pulling together items and posting them.

Your content needs to be properly optimized so that search engines recognize its value.

This includes:

  • Speak to your audience
  • Research your keywords
  • Include both internal and external links

Before you can properly research your keywords, you need to know what your clients needs and interests are. Know what content meets their needs and find the most important terms to these topics.

Proper linking helps establish a connection with supporting articles and content. Search engines like this as this helps provider the reader with more information they may need.

Be Local

Anything that you can do the reinforce your location should be done.

Use a Google My Business site to create a home on the largest search engine. By optimizing your My Business page you earn the opportunity of being featured on the results page as part of Google’s local three-pack.

This is an incredibly powerful tool that cannot be overlooked.

Be Mobile

More and more, users are connecting to their internet through their smartphones.

If your site isn’t optimized for these devices you’re less likely to be ranked by Google and the other search engines. Since their purpose is to provide users with results they benefit from, it’s your responsibility to meet these needs.

Final Thoughts On SEO Strategy

SEO can seem intimidating when you’re first introduced to it, but it’s really just a collection of best practices that are easily utilized.

By understanding the principles behind proper optimization, it’s easy to follow these parameters to get your site ranked.

If you have any questions about SEO or want to discuss putting together a successful SEO strategy, give us a shout. We’re always here to help.

5 Steps to Create a Winning SEO Strategy for Your Small Business